Putting sustainable thinking into conservation

There are certain organisations that are on a wish-list of those you would feel inspired to work alongside – so we were delighted to be asked to help create a new sustainability policy and delivery plan for ZSL (Zoological Society of London), whose vision is to create a world where wildlife thrives.

Luminous was asked to build a strategy so that ZSL’s day-to-day operations could be even more sustainable – not least to ensure that the sustainability delivery plan was in concert with the recently launched ZSL 200 strategy – as the international conservation charity approaches the milestone of its bicentennial anniversary in 2026.

Engaging senior management
Strategically we aimed to align the sustainability policy and delivery plan with ZSL’s purpose and vision in a way that would allow it to move forward with certainty.

For sustainability to be truly embedded throughout ZSL’s activities, it has to be viewed holistically, so getting the management team on board was key to the process. Research into sustainability initiatives, site visits and a peer audit of related organisations generated the insight to fuel ideas that we shared and debated in a strategic workshop, capturing the vision, ambition and perspective of the C-suite.

Driving greater engagement
Strategic development involved mapping current and potential future connection channels with key stakeholders and prioritising the most material issues and impacts to inform the sustainability policy and strategy documents.

The initial result of our sustainability support helped ZSL to continue to demonstrate its role as a responsible organisation. An additional output has been greater engagement, enthusiasm and education for the key employees within the strategic leadership team who have direct responsibility for embedding the delivery plan and dovetailing it with the other complementary plans.

Our sustainability team continues to support the organisation as it journeys towards further embedding sustainability practices across the organisation.