Making the most of the digital opportunity

When reporting in the digital space, the channel offers such deep opportunities to connect that go far beyond simply duplicating the content from the printed annual report.

This simple summary microsite for Weir is a good example of how get the most relevant messages across, while creating a seamless transition to the full report content, for users to gain deeper insight.

As a company on the cusp of returning to the FTSE 100, Weir needed their digital edition to clearly communicate its equity story, and explain how their sustainable business model has left them well positioned for sector-beating growth on top of the tailwinds created by the positive economic sector conditions.

Users’ interaction with content is enhanced and streamlined through sophisticated user experience design.

The online report supported a corporate reporting suite featuring the printed edition and a maiden gender pay report.

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Best Online Report: FTSE 250, Corporate & Financial Awards 2018 (Highly commended)
Best Interactive Annual Report: Engineered Industrial Products, ARC Awards (Honors)