Presenting combined strength and potential

The story of the year for engineering solutions provider Weir Group was the company’s $1.3bn acquisition of ESCO, the global leader in ground engaging tools.

Telling an investment story with clarity is key to helping to sell equity and attract new capital, so our strategy team developed a narrative that unearthed the essence of the new Weir combination. Content planning was critical, with specific focus on stakeholder engagement and linking the strategy and remuneration stories, while a CEO Q&A helped to bring the acquisition story to life.

The report used colour-coded illustrations of machinery and services to highlight the greater sphere of operations of the combined group. The operating review features 3-D computer aided graphics to show the enormous scale of the group’s products.

The design balanced detailed content, bold graphics and case studies to tell the story well, while engaging all stakeholders and fully illustrating the potential synergies of the new combination.

To build on the impact of the printed report, we created a targeted social media campaign, varying the focus on the messaging to keep Weir at the forefront of people’s minds.