Socialising thought-leading content

The Logicalis CIO Survey gathers ownable insights and data which the company use to start customer conversations, as part of campaigns and as a sales tool. However, its digital campaign was lacking momentum; the report was shared as a PDF on Logicalis’ website with little activity to pick up interest beyond its launch.

We wanted to make its value pay off for the company, so our approach was to treat the Survey as a campaign with the full PDF report just one element in this content journey. This approach gives Logicalis a toolkit of infographics, quotes, pull-out stats and illustrations which can be used on other campaign materials. Everything lives on a central campaign microsite which is content manageable by Logicalis, and can be translated into multiple languages to allow local teams to customise content.

Supported by social media, email, sales conversations and paid advertising, the CIO Survey campaign leads users to the microsite ‘hub’ to explore content, download the report and join in the conversation.

This year we followed the same campaign approach, but with additional online features such as an Archive to collate previous surveys for users to refer to and the option to ‘gate’ the content and capture data from users downloading the report.

We also created a social teaser campaign to build interest in the report, reacting to a Gartner CIO research paper which was released the week before Logicalis’ campaign launched. These social graphics were created from the same assets as the core report, and highlighted key challenges from the report such as Insider Security threats, an increase in exported IT and the changing role of the CIO to encourage discussion around it before the report launched.

Take a look at the campaign here!

Best Interactive Content, Corporate Content Awards