A fresh take on s.172

In business, if you are not growing, you are at best standing still or at worst losing ground. We believe that is as true of company culture as it is of financial performance.

At a point when delivering social value as well as profit is at the top of the corporate and regulatory agenda, Informa have drilled down and defined what that really means for them.

How Informa grows and develops its culture is vitally important to them. They are 100% a people business, with over 11,000 colleagues world-wide so embedding the right culture and living by its values is critical.

Rather than treat S172 as a box-ticking exercise, Informa wanted to place the spirit of the new regulation at the very heart of its Annual Report. A new section, entitled The Heart of Informa featured strategic narrative and disclosures which reflected Informa’s commitment to and enthusiasm for the development of a strong and effective corporate culture.

What unites us: The Informa Constitution codified Informa’s purpose and culture in our newly created Informa Constitution; We’re Informa: Colleagues at Informa addressed its employee engagement framework;Championing the specialist: Customer success, Success is a Partnership: Working with our business partners and Sustainable growth: Shareholder success presented a holistic view of stakeholder engagement; while FasterForward: Sustainability at Informa provided a comprehensive review of a new sustainability programme. Finally, The Heart of Informa reference guide linked the section contents back to the regulatory framework.

Beyond this, our strategic team helped evolve the divisional reporting, business model, risk reporting and governance section.

Creatively the report presented the new Informa brand to the corporate audience for the first time while continuing the illustrative style of the corporate reporting suite.

Awards for Informa reporting
Best Annual Report, FTSE 100, CorpComms Awards 2019

The reporting suite also included Informa’s Sustainability Report.