Presenting a sustainable investment case

Working with a classic brand like Biffa is always great, so we were delighted when they asked us to produce their report after a credentials and creds pitch.

The process kicked off with a communications brainstorm, gathering thoughts and ideas from the CEO, CFO and senior members of the Biffa team. This insight fed the narrative theme and creative direction.

Our solution focused on communicating Biffa’s investment case and its integrated approach to sustainability. The report clearly articulated the infrastructure, resources and expertise Biffa utilises every day to meet the challenges presented by the waste management industry.

The narrative reflected Biffa’s position as a leading player in the industry, with emphasis placed on addressing the key market trends in order to demonstrate its involvement in the broader conversation taking place around waste and recycling.

In terms of best practice, key areas of focus included strengthening the business model, addressing the market challenges and the addition of a strategy in action section, which helped to highlight Biffa’s strong market presence. We also enhanced the governance section, reporting against the principles of the Corporate Governance Code. Governance was made more accessible through case studies highlighting a focus on shareholder and stakeholder engagement.

A bold, editorial style was central in bringing the narrative to life. Sophisticated graphics were used to demonstrate Biffa’s coverage and processes, and succinctly communicate some of the more complex aspects of the business.

Best Annual Report: Listed Organisation, CorpComms Awards
Annual Report of the Year (Small Cap and AIM), ICSA Awards