How do we reignite investor advocacy?


Its been a challenging year for the retail market, resulting in poor results for Debenhams, which had to issue a series of profit warnings.

The report objective therefore was to communicate management belief that their strategy was robust, demonstrate a step forward in the online service and highlight improved market share, reflecting a compelling customer offer.

Luminous’ reporting team worked with Debenhams’ internal stakeholders, drawn from investor relations, marketing, human resources, finance, governance and corporate responsibility. Through a series of pan-departmental workshops, Luminous formulated a clear structure and content plan to best meet the challenge.

Debenhams’ ‘strategic pillars’ are used as the backbone of the report, which links the key components of strategy, KPIs and risks together to tell a joined-up story of value maximisation, measurement and protection. The strategic report shows clear insight into high street trends, Debenhams’ competitive advantage and its overall investment case.

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