What We Do

We create, develop and implement brand identities, adding value at every stage of the process, from initial discovery workshops to the guidelines we create to control quality during roll-out and beyond.

We do this for a whole range of clients, including FTSE businesses, SMEs, private and non-for-profit organisations and start-ups.

We can control the entire brand creation cycle through our 3-D process – Discover, Design and Deliver. The process has been developed to get the best output from a client’s team in a short space of time, ensuring the project maintains momentum and all decisions are based on contextual visual stimulus. Its collaborative, engaging and insightful.

In the discovery stage we have a number of workshop tools that help sharpen thinking and define the brand challenge. In our experience, a lot of companies know ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they do it, but not ‘why’ they do what they do. We find almost always it’s the ‘why’ that differentiates them, sets them apart and drives the brand idea.

Using the golden circles methodology we help define the ‘why’ – the ‘brand purpose’. This enables us to develop applied creative solutions that attract sustainable value-adding brand communities.

Design Week Benchmark Award
Communication Arts Award


What We think

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Brand new

The world of branding is changing. The development of communication technology, social media and globalisation means we are dealing with a completely new media landscape.

In the past, a brand’s key objective was to ensure that its products and services were consistently and repetitiously applied. Messages were the same, whatever the communications channel. Designers created brand identities that would be compliant and coherent across all applications, legislated by rigid brand guidelines.

The brand landscape has moved on – a world now awash with electronic media and communication capabilities. A brand must now figure out how it speaks across all manner of technology platforms, how audiences interact with it and the experience it creates on diverse emotional levels.

That doesn’t mean consistency is a bad thing, far from it. What it shouldn’t be however, is the over-riding factor when creating a brand identity. With application needed across so many media, it’s about being flexible whilst keeping the core attributes that made the brand in the first place. The skill for the brand designer is knowing how, and when, to turn the dial between consistency and flexibility.

At Luminous we believe that by loosening the rulebook and encouraging those clever variations in its execution we can create richer, more surprising experiences for the customer. In fact, if brands don’t embrace this liberating opportunity they may find themselves becoming irrelevant.

Mark Newby, Account Director


What We Do

For over 11 years we have been delivering corporate reporting solutions for some of the UK’s leading organisations.

By combining compliance expertise with creativity we have enjoyed success in winning IRS Best Practice, CorpComms, Strategic Planning Society and Strategic Reporting Index awards.

We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by clients with the new BIS guidelines and we offer creative and consulting expertise to implement the latest legislative requirements in simple, practical ways.

We work both on paper and online – delivering the highest quality printed reports as well as helping clients plan and implement digital reporting solutions through a full range of online options to get the most value from any budget.

We also understand that however good our designs look, quality service is absolutely key. We are proactive, insightful and above all accurate. Our robust processes have been tried and tested over a decade and are focused on mitigating risk and making client’s lives easier.

CorpComms Awards – Best private Annual Report
CorpComms Awards – Best non-for-profit Annual Report
ICSA Awards – Best Annual Report, FTSE250
IR Society AR Best Practice Awards – Best strategy, performance and KPIs, FTSE100
IR Society AR Best Practice Awards – Most improved Annual Report
PwC Building Public Trust Awards – Excellence in reporting in the FTSE100
Strategic Planning Society Awards – Best KPIs in an Annual Report
Strategic Planning Society Awards – Best risk disclosure
Strategic Reporting Index – Best Key Performance Indicators


What We think

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BIS: believe in strategy

Reforms to narrative reporting were finally ratified by Parliament and we are now working closely with our clients to advise them about the opportunities the new regulations provide.

At Luminous, we are firmly in favour of the changes and believe this is an exciting time for the future of reporting, and a much needed update to the current regulations. The changes to legislation will mean improved strategy content, giving stakeholders a clear, contextual report with real insight into how the company is run and its future ambitions.

Having worked over many years with our clients to strengthen the linkage of key strategic content, we recognise the opportunities ahead. Moving beyond boilerplate into the realm of holistic reporting, telling a corporate’s individual story.

We believe the strategic section of the report affords the greatest opportunity; encouraging companies to concisely and transparently outline strategy and business model, performance, market information, diversity and the sustainability agenda. This will provide real insight for investors, prospective and current, and the wider stakeholder group. Once finalised this content can be reused through other channels, telling a unique and consistent story across the business.

Stephen Butler, Senior Designer


What We Do

Whether its a responsive website, an interactive PDF or a dynamic e-magazine, we create digital communications that are effective business tools.

We are communications-led, creating ideas that stand out while being intuitive, functional and accessible.

In the same way that every online solution we propose is bespoke, each client will have different technology requirements. So we work with a range of best-in-class partners to ensure we have a suite of different CMS options available. Being ‘technology-neutral’, we align the best technology to the site objectives.

We anticipate the future and create a platform that gets clients where they want to be quickly, but also provide the flexibility they need to respond to change.



What We think

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Creating experiences

Our ethos ‘design matters’ is a mindset. It’s how we view the world.

So we don’t talk about ‘producing websites’, we talk about ‘creating experiences’ that will be used, enjoyed and shared. To us, it’s a given that functionality will be effective, navigation intuitive and technology will work across all devices. It’s more about story-telling and ideas that bring a client’s businesses to life.

We love a ‘big idea’. Thinking different to tell the story of a business.

The idea should go beyond the traditional confines of the website to really strike a chord with the target audience. This is where we weave in video and animation to enhance the storytelling and use our editorial skills to provide value to every page, adding pace and personality.

Social media is obviously growing in importance, particularly as the lines between home and work blur. Core to ‘social recognition’ is content, and the way we use it is central to the way that our sites are structured and social media plug-ins are utilised.

So they deliver memorable experiences that make users act, share and return.


What We Do

We develop employee campaigns centred around a unifying vision with which everyone can relate. The messages and the delivery mechanic encourage participation. They are a call to action to do, share and build.

Our internal communications address the challenge of having a large, changing workforce. They have the power to translate corporate imperatives into motivating communications that support managers and deliver results.

Our staff magazines become indispensible communications tool for businesses – which employees love to read and also convey the organisations’ objectives. They bring company strategy to life, convey preferred behaviour, share best practices and help colleagues bond socially, as well as culturally.



What We think

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Company thinking turned inside out

Success in this world depends on organisations built around motivated and informed people who are heading in a common direction. The role of internal communications has never been so important.

Employees at every level need to be empowered by a clear vision, the reassurance of strong leadership and a clear corporate strategy.

They need to understand their role in the business and how they can best participate in its success. And that word ‘participation’ has taken on new meaning.

Internal communication is increasingly a two-way affair and effective communications have this concept at their heart, empowering employees to participate in a corporate dialogue.

The channels open to the internal communicator have also grown considerably with the ‘mainstreaming’ of digital and social media. This presents a great opportunity to adapt messages and styles of communication dependent on the type and level of the employee. It also presents a challenge: increasingly we see that if companies don’t engage on important issues then employees will take matters into their own hands.

Intelligently conceived and well-executed campaigns can inspire, empower, reassure and even challenge, getting employees on side and helping organisations to deliver better results.

Alan Hines, Managing Partner


What We Do

Our marcomms solutions help put our clients ‘front of mind’.

By creating clear positioning in crowded marketplaces they act as valuable working tools to drive revenue and market share.

Projects range from highly strategic ‘thought pieces’ to effective sales and marketing collateral. They span online and print solutions – often involving taking traditionally printed material into the digital arena. Our solutions encompass sales and marketing collateral, magazines, books, exhibition/display and direct mail.

The key challenge is to balance an exciting brand experience with insightful messaging that clearly sets out why customers should do business with you, bringing USPs to life in imaginative ways.

D&AD – Exhibition design
Property Marketing Awards – Special commendation
McNaughton Review – Magazine design
SHOUT Awards – Editorial design
BADA Awards – Catalogue design


What We think

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Design matters – especially to the bottom line

At Luminous our ethos is ‘design matters’. It’s what makes us tick and why we come to work in the morning.

As creative people we understand how important design is. But the challenge is persuading prospects to view design as an investment rather than a cost – proving that it is a critical link in the business process.

Sometimes it’s easy to prove tangible results, such as when our creative solutions for the Goldsmith’s Centre helped increase sales by 93%. On other projects its harder to quantify, but design can be an invaluable tool in helping shape company reputations, outlining clear USPs and making strategy visible.

It’s reassuring to note that the UK Design Council has undertaken extensive research into the powerful effect of design on business. It is now proven that for every £1 invested in design, businesses receive a £4 increase in net operating profit and a £20 increase in net turnover.

And this understanding is at the heart of what we are about. Naturally our creative solutions are pleasing on the eye, but more than that, they are focused on having a tangible effect on the bottom line.

Jon Towell, Creative Partner

Moving Image

What We Do

People remember only 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they both hear and see. It’s no wonder that moving image has quickly become a ‘must-have’ communications tool for business.

We storyboard, script, illustrate and animate videos that make persuasive first and lasting impressions, presenting corporate cultures, products and services in an eye-catching manner.

Animation is often the only way to communicate complex ideas quickly. It’s incredibly effective, relating sophisticated ideas in an accessible manner.

We also create bespoke sales presentations that address the key questions: what is the best way to make you stand out, will you be presenting it personally or will the client be viewing it independently, does it need to be edited regularly?

Whether it be an interactive experience, an eye-catching Prezi or pushing PowerPoint to the limit, our online presentation solutions sell in a dynamic way.


Moving Image

What We think

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The art of storytelling

Given that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, just how many words is a video worth?

Within the last few years the use of video has grown from a few companies occasionally including it on their website, to an essential, competitive differentiator that can quickly promote a brand or business. Leading companies of all sizes are embracing this shift and making video a central part of their online marketing campaigns.

Most website visitors tend to skim-read, which means written copy is often largely ignored. A well crafted video allows your brand or message to stand out and be clearly understood.

Video can also significantly improve your business SEO, with search engines prioritising links that containing rich media content. Similarly, with YouTube now the second biggest search engine, the benefits of video marketing have never been stronger. Video is being viewed across all social platforms – Facebook, Google+ or embedded within a Tweet. It can help with the viral spread of your content within social media and ensure your advocates are more engaged with your brand.

Alex Johnson, Designer

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