Building brighter brands

Successful brands are built on robust foundations. We focus on defining clear and credible brand platforms by distilling the story at the heart of a brand until we extract a point of difference that is unique and ownable. Then we bring that story to life by articulating a core brand purpose that creates impact and drives fresh perception.

The discovery stage almost always transforms the challenge, refines the brief and informs new perspectives. It provides the fuel for the visual and written material that drives the brand forward. The techniques we use during the discovery stage include stakeholder research, face-to-face interviews, team workshops, focus groups and online surveys.

Immersed in discovery’s findings, our writers develop distinctive narratives and messages tailored for varying audiences and context. Our designers enhance this storytelling with innovation and creative flair. By marrying the strategic insight with visual and editorial magic, we ensure your brand will stay relevant and connected.

With all the brand tools in place, we provide strategic advice on the best ways to deliver – or roll out – the brand and connect with your audiences, whether through implementing applications ourselves, or providing robust guidelines and templates enabling seamless internal delivery.

What we do

Qualitative and quantitative research

Brand architecture

Brand strategy

Brand narrative and key messaging

Brand platform definition (purpose, positioning, personality and proposition)

Name development

Identity creation

Brand creative, development and implementation

Brand guidelines and online portals

Brand values and guiding principles

Brand activation and engagement

Brand performance measurement



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