Telling moving stories

When immediate connection matters, video is the great storyteller. Moving image has the power to move people, to resonate with audiences like no other medium.

By creating experiences that engage on an emotional level, you involve the viewer in the message you’re telling. And the more involved they feel, the deeper the bond they will make with you.

Our expertise lies in visual storytelling. Bringing to life what’s at the heart of brands and businesses. Driving connection through the most effective media, whether film, animation or motion graphics.


Getting animated

Gavin Anderson

Given that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, just how many words is a animation worth? Creative Director Gavin Anderson discusses the power of animation.

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Engaging through moving stories

Simon Waller

Our expertise lies in visual storytelling. Luminous filmmaking partner Simon Waller outlines our approach to telling moving stories.


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The power of animation to socialise

Alan Hines

With the animation we created for Mitie hitting 52,000 views, Managing Partner Alan Hines explains, when developing a moving image solution for social sharing, the key is to pack the visual experience with personality.

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Embedding values through video

Jon Towell

The power of video seems to be going to strength to strength. Creative Partner Jon Towell reviews the latest thinking and how this helped develop a compelling film to engage employees.

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