Telling moving stories

Video engages us on a more emotional level than any other media, so telling moving stories is more vital than ever.

Our expertise lies in visual storytelling. Creating engaging experiences that make people feel involved in the message you are telling. And the more involved a person feels, the more they will remember. The more connected they become.

Its all about marketing great content. Content packed with story appeal. Content that engages, resonates and compels the audience to take positive action or share with others.

Would a thought-leadership message resonate better in video? Would the introduction of a new corporate initiative be better expressed through animation? Would the benefits of working with you be better presented through a dynamic infographic?

We consider how best to express your story and determine the best media to engage with the people you need to reach.


Research / Channel strategy / Implementation strategies


Creative concepts / Storyboarding / Editing & production / Voiceover


Video / Animation


37,000 views and counting…

Alan Hines

As Managing Partner Alan Hines explains, when developing a moving image solution for social sharing, the key is to pack the visual experience with personality.

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Embedding values through video

Jon Towell

The power of video seems to be going to strength to strength. Creative Partner Jon Towell reviews the latest thinking and how this helped develop a compelling film to engage employees.

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The art of digital storytelling

Mark Litchfield

Given that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, just how many words is a video worth? Design Director Mark Litchfield outlines the power of animation.

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Blog post / 03.02.17

37,000 views and counting…

Our animation ‘'Changing the way we work’' has now enjoyed 37,622 views.

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Blog post / 02.02.17

Top 5 website trends for 2017

At Luminous we are always tracking the latest thinking from around the world on digital trends. Here is a collation of the top 5 trends and our perspective on them.

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Blog post / 05.12.16

Pitcairn brings further experience to Luminous service offering

We are delighted that Mark Pitcairn has joined our service team as a Senior Account Director. He brings on board over 20 years’ experience in advertising and design, including spells at…

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Blog post / 05.12.16

Brown joins our growing service team

We are delighted to welcome Emma Brown to our Luminous service team.

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