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Luminous has built a strong reputation as an agency that marries great communications with strategic thinking, with insight driving everything we do. We have the mix of skillset to connect our sustainability expertise with investor engagement and stakeholder engagement specialists.

Every client is at a different stage of their journey. It’s our role to understand where clients are on that road and provide tailored solutions to meet their needs. Our sustainability team have extensive in-house experience, covering everything from policy and strategy development, to practical implementation of projects to address and manage sustainability impacts.

With practitioner experience in the corporate world, our team understand the challenges from our client’s perspective and appreciate the internal barriers they face. Combining this know-how with our communication expertise enables us to bring sustainability stories to life in ways that connect and resonate with key influencers.

What we do


Competitor benchmarking
Providing insight and intelligence on best practice within and outside of a client’s sector can create inspiration.
Analysis against key standards and indices
Providing insight, intelligence and support on applicable standards to improve a client’s reputation – e.g. how standards are developing and evolving (GRI, CDP etc).
Data collection guidance
Clients need to have robust measurement systems in place to track progress and report on trends.
Market trend analysis
Providing insight and intelligence on latest sustainability trends, e.g. mega trends.


Materiality assessments
It’s often the starting point for a sustainability journey to identify issues and impacts and rank them.
Policy development
The sustainability policy is the logical next step on a sustainability journey and sets the level of ambition.
Strategy and purpose development
There is increasing pressure on companies to tell their story in terms of not just how much profit they make, but how they make it – to do more than just return a dividend to shareholders. A strategy will bring the sustainability policy to life, set the change agenda and help deliver the aspirations via objectives and targets.
Roadmap and vision planning
Using different scenarios and possible outcomes to help identify the building blocks that can direct a strategy.
Sustainable development goals (SDGs) alignment
The UN SDGs are gaining importance and can be a comprehensive lens to review a client’s sustainability strategy.


Sustainability brands and brand development
Bringing a specific brand or message to life with sustainability included within the brand attributes.
Campaigns and content activation
Using sustainability as a potential theme for a campaign(s) for a client’s project or programme of activity.
Stakeholder engagement events
Hosting and facilitating stakeholder identification and mapping workshops to maximise the sustainability story.
Messaging, tone of voice and content development
Using a sustainability subject-matter expert coupled with a communications professional can help to create engaging sustainability messages to ensure they are effective for internal and external audiences.
Awareness, training and communication advice
Going beyond engaging internal audiences to providing training materials is key to ensuring specific groups are informed and educated to take action to respond to a wide range of sustainability impacts.


Sustainability reports
The ideal, separate document for a client to expand upon a dedicated section in their Annual Report.
Integrated reports
Embracing the trend for greater integrated thinking which will translate into a quality Integrated Report.
Sustainability microsites
Taking the related content from an annual report and/or sustainability report and moving it to a single location, laid out and designed in an easy to navigate format, with more data than a printed report has space for with the key aim to create impact.

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