Is content king, or the ace in the hole?

In the corporate world, it’s easy to start sounding like everyone else. In fact, the lack of individuality is frightening. But all of us connect with content that means something to us.

So a regular dialogue of imaginative content is the catalyst for getting audiences talking about you, engaging with your thoughts and acting on them in the way you want.

With storytelling in our DNA, Luminous can help any organisation get its message across in a memorable manner that’s true to its personality.

As communication experts, we’re used to grabbing the attention of time-poor audiences. We maximise the value of content while it’s still fresh, keeping momentum by combining creative and editorial expertise.


Blog post / 07.02.19

The world’s business model is changing – are you ready?

We're delighted to share this week's guest blog by Jonathan Labrey, Chief Strategy Officer at the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), who explains why it's time to follow a new business model.

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Blog post / 30.01.19

Embracing the voice of stakeholders

In this week's spotlight, Stephen Butler focuses on the voice of the stakeholder - rightly recognising that business does not operate in isolation from society around it.

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Blog post / 24.01.19

Bringing larger private companies into the fold – a look at the Wates Principles

Connor Lundy outlines the six areas of The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies and how companies should apply them in practice.

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Blog post / 21.01.19

The digital opportunity for brand

Jon Towell, Creative Partner describes how successful B2B brands manage a growing demand for inspiring and engaging digital content.

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