Is content king, or the ace in the hole?

In the corporate world, it’s easy to start sounding like everyone else. In fact, the lack of individuality is frightening. But all of us connect with content that means something to us.

So a regular dialogue of imaginative content is the catalyst for getting audiences talking about you, engaging with your thoughts and acting on them in the way you want.

With storytelling in our DNA, Luminous can help any organisation get its message across in a memorable manner that’s true to its personality.

As communication experts, we’re used to grabbing the attention of time-poor audiences. We maximise the value of content while it’s still fresh, keeping momentum by combining creative and editorial expertise.



How can we maximise content beyond launch?

Lizzie Lucas

We are seeing more and more demands for optimising content beyond the corporate website. Luminous Digital and Content Manager Lizzie Lucas reflects on how we helped leading IT innovators Logicalis maximise research findings across their digital channels.

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The power of content to disrupt sector thinking

Mark Litchfield

When you think differently from your peers, every piece of communication should make a statement of your distinctiveness. U+I is a new kind of property company. It voices its opinion, embraces creativity and does not like putting photos of property in its marketing collateral. Luminous Creative Director Mark Litchfield, reflects on how MATTER creates a platform for disruptive ideas.

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Even with great content, presentation style is vital

Luna Raphael

As the country’s flagship youth programme, the National Citizen Service (NCS) can provide unique insights into teenage trends. But having great content doesn’t mean anything, if the style used to present it, is not relevant and engaging for the audience. Design Director Luna Raphael reflects on how Luminous helped bring the inaugural NCS youth report to life.

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Blog post / 09.08.18

Spotlight on the Audit Committee report

In the wake of significant corporate scandals, it's worth spending time on getting your Audit Committee report right.

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Blog post / 02.08.18

Design doing good

Junior Designer Chris Marshall tells us what inspired him at the recent D&AD New Blood Festival.

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Blog post / 02.08.18

Spotlight on the new Corporate Governance Code

Connor Lundy shares his key insights from the Financial Reporting Council's (FRC) event, 'Corporate Governance: Fit for the future?'.

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Blog post / 23.07.18

How can businesses help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals?

We discuss this - and the opportunity for corporates - in our article for ICSA: The Governance Institute's G+C publication.

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