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Creating a fit-for-purpose Mitie brand

Over 25 years, Mitie has grown from a ‘blue-collar’ security-based business to much more of a ‘white-collar’ strategic consultancy, helping customers with both their people and their property assets.

The key challenge was therefore to create a new monolithic brand experience that credibly represented ‘a new Mitie’, a dynamic, modern business that builds value-added partnerships with an exciting mix of stakeholders.

Our solution presented a coherent brand experience, delivering a consistent visual experience at every touchpoint – in print, online, livery, signage, uniform and marketing collateral.

The solution was fuelled through a carefully orchestrated Discovery process, including customer interviews, competitor analysis, a brand audit and a series of workshops which defined new positioning and values.

In the Design phase we looked beyond Mitie’s core spheres of influence. Choices for elements such as colour, layout and font were carefully considered so the key brand assets powerfully conveyed the company’s fresh and dynamic personality and stood out amongst the key players in the sector.

A special cut of the Magallanes font was commissioned to provide a distinct look and brand ownership.

Moving to the Delivery phase, to ensure consistent quality of items designed in-house, we developed both InDesign and Word templates for marketing collateral, stationery and tender documents, as well as creating a highly detailed set of brand guidelines.

The brand refresh has proved highly effective:

• Prompted customer awareness increased by 37%
• Unprompted customer awareness increased by 42%
• Staff survey indicated 87% of respondents felt that the new brand was a ‘significant improvement’
• Staff survey highlighted that 71% of respondents said the new brand made them proud to work for the company site visits have increased on average by 29%

The project reflected Mitie’s vision to become the UK’s leading integrated facilities management provider – and we believe the solution set a new standard for branding in the Support Services sector.

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