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Maximising content beyond launch

Logicalis’ annual CIO Survey interviews 890 Chief Information Officers and IT Directors in 23 countries to understand their pressures, challenges and priorities for the next 12 months. It’s the company’s biggest thought-leadership investment but its value hadn’t been maximised across their digital channels beyond the initial launch of the survey results.

We advised Logicalis to treat this year’s report like a campaign, re-purposing and sharing the content in different ways with a central digital hub to house everything – allowing users to access downloads, see a snapshot of the report findings and explore related content.

Built on a CMS, more content can be added to the hub throughout the year. The central hub includes links to local language versions – allowing each country to tailor the content to their own audience’s preferences.

Country managers can track visitor patterns and behaviours by region, to test and adapt the content as their audience expectations/interests change. The observations from this campaign can also be applied to Logicalis’ overarching digital marketing strategy.

Our design uses infographics, highlight statistics, quotes and illustrations to tell the story of the results. We also created a ‘toolkit’ of assets used in a summary infographic, blog, press release and animated social media GIFs.

Best Interactive Content, Corporate Content Awards

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