Building brilliant brands

All brands need a purpose, a clear definition of what they stand for and why they matter. Of what drives them, beyond profit. It’s the cornerstone of a robust brand platform. Without a clear purpose, it’s easy for brands to drift away from the vision, values and culture that give them a coherent direction. 

Our expertise lies in distilling the core story at the heart of a business and articulating it as a unique brand purpose. Our brand strategy team facilitate and guide the development of distinct positioning, personality and values that align with purpose to provide the DNA of the brand experience.

With these core foundations in place, we bring the brand story to life in exciting ways that create impact, change beliefs and drive value. We help clients meet their wide array of communication challenges with bright ideas, illuminating content and effective channel strategies that work together to reach and inspire audiences.

With storytelling in our DNA, Luminous can help any organisation get its message across in a memorable manner that’s true to its personality. As communication experts, we’re used to grabbing the attention of time-poor audiences. We maximise the value of content while it’s still fresh, keeping momentum by combining creative and editorial expertise. As a full-service agency we can create multi-channel solutions across screen, print and moving image. We focus on developing the most effective connection, based on audience and desired impact.



The Luminous way – building brilliant brand experiences

Sheila Morrison

Head of Brand Engagement Sheila Morrison outlines how Luminous creates sustainable brands, built on robust platforms.

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The brand platform balancing act

Jon Towell

With so much focus on purpose at the moment, it’s easy to forget the other ‘P’s that make up a robust brand platform – positioning, personality and principles. Luminous Creative Partner Jon Towell discusses how, as in all platforms, strength comes through getting the balance right.

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Creating authentic brand stories

Jon Towell

‘Know thyself’ said the Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. ‘Who are you?’ sang Roger Daltrey, 2,000 years later. Anyone compiling their corporate story today would be well advised to take the words of both to heart. Luminous Creative Partner Jon Towell asked brand writer Michael Every about the key to creating an authentic brand narrative.

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The digital opportunity

Michal Kendereski

Digital Director Michal Kendereski outlines how successful B2B brands manage a growing demand for inspiring and engaging digital content.

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Purpose: Are we on the same page?

Jon Towell

Ask someone to describe exactly what their role is in an organisation and you may be surprised by the number of blank looks you get. But what is your company’s purpose? Do you know? And if you do, does your answer match those around you? Jon Towell, Luminous Creative Partner, outlines the issues.

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Maximising content beyond launch

Alan Hines

We are seeing more and more demands for optimising content beyond the corporate website. Luminous Managing Partner Alan Hines reflects on how we helped leading IT innovators Logicalis maximise research findings across their digital channels.

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Blog post / 22.03.19

A grand (prix) identity

It always gives us a sense of pride when we see an identity we created appear on vehicle livery, so imagine how excited we felt when our logo for SportPesa…

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Blog post / 14.02.19

Fink piece: are you fit for purpose?

In his latest annual letter to the world’s top CEOs, Larry Fink of BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investment management groups, strongly promotes the importance of purpose saying that…

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Blog post / 24.01.19

Sim joins Luminous Brand Strategy team

We are delighted that Julie Sim has joined our Brand Strategy team.

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Blog post / 21.01.19

Making brands more sustainable

Luminous Head of Marketing Nada Zbirek asked Heather Rankin, sustainability consultant and writer, for her top tips on how to make sustainability a part of your corporate brand.

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