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Genuine people, real difference

At Luminous, the work we do matters. It has meaning, impact and builds belief. Our people are united by our common purpose and want to make a difference in business and society. They aspire to do their best work and be proud of what they achieve.

We recognise that agency life is challenging but it should also be rewarding. We hire bright people with positive attitudes and a thirst for responsibility and growth. We nurture talent, helping people to make the best of their ability and ambition.

Our culture is a conscious choice and built around shared values and behaviours. We celebrate individual strengths and perspectives but together we are connected by a shared ambition, mutual respect and kindness. We know what we stand for and what we want to be known for.

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Our values

  • Lead with insight

    We succeed by the quality of our thinking. And the brightest ideas are informed by insight. We explore all possible scenarios, backing up belief with reason and expertise. This means we enter the room ready to stimulate debate and drive change.

  • Create positive impact

    We approach every day with passion and commitment, pushing ourselves to make the most of every opportunity. Each project offers the chance to do something special and each interaction the chance to inspire. We set out to be a positive influence on those around us, energising through ability and enthusiasm.  

  • Build teams, remove barriers

    The magic happens when we do things together. We are united by a shared purpose to improve and become better as individuals, as teams and as a company. There are no limits to what we can achieve side by side.

  • Be kind

    We act with respect for each other at all times. Our ambition and passion must never come at the expense of consideration and kindness. We are warm, compassionate to each other, and genuinely caring.

Letting talent shine

Chris Marshall, Designer

Creative diversity

I love the diverse range of work. We’re very collaborative which is great for collectively creating ideas and working together to come up with great solutions. The people at Luminous are amazing. They put a lot of faith in you, which means you have the opportunity to really push yourself creatively.

Janet Wakstein, Account Director

Ability to grow

I came to Luminous because people I respect were already working here which I thought was a good sign! Professional development is important to me and it’s great to see everyone across the company is supported by managers, and by each other, to develop and grow in their roles.


We’re always on the lookout for brilliant people to join our team.

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