Believe in brilliance

We believe in the power of people to shine. And we’re driven by a passion to help individuals thrive and move up in the world.

We’ve broken down the usual agency barriers to allow multi-disciplinary teams to solve problems together, empowering talent and avoiding bottlenecks. Brilliance comes from a culture where positivity means original ideas flourish. No egos, no politics. Where we both challenge and look out for each other, share targets and debate the journeys we make.

Our guiding principles help define the way for our culture, or as we call it, ‘Luminousity’.

Ask killer questions We’re always on the hunt for better understanding of the world our clients and colleagues live in. We put a premium on discovery, and come to meetings prepared to positively challenge the status quo. So we leave packed with insight, and can return with brighter ideas.

Remove barriers Better solutions come from working as one team, not on our own. We make time to discuss important issues, even when we’re busy, and to pool our resources so we can meet new challenges effectively. A good idea can come from anywhere, so everyone is encouraged to contribute.

Create impact We do everything we can to inspire the people around us by being positive, setting a great example and making a difference wherever possible. Our founding ethos, Design Matters, is in our blood. So we never miss an opportunity to make our time together worthwhile.