Design Matters

We believe design matters. It has the power to persuade people that you are 
the right choice. Design defines your personality; 
the way you look, the way you talk, the way you feel. And personality matters, it’s what sets you apart. Design can be subtle or bold, simple or complex, worthy or fun. On screen or on paper.

Whatever form it takes, design should make a meaningful connection – capturing imaginations, providing insight, provoking action. Bringing to 
life what is special about you. Creating original ideas that connect is our craft. Merging deep strategic experience and creative flair 
to deliver meaningful visual stories. Delivering design that matters.

How our ethos defines our culture

Caring and sharing

Emma McNicoll-Norbury

We are all about ‘the team’. Account Director Emma McNicoll-Norbury explains how caring and sharing resonates throughout the studio.

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Acting as an extension of the client team

Tracey Westgate

We see our role is to challenge clients – in a positive way of course. Client Services Director Tracey Westgate outlines the way we make people think again.

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Make a difference

Justin Boucher

Everyone at Luminous is tasked with creating a positive difference. Both in the work we do and the way we do it. New Business Manager Justin Boucher explains.

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