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Fast, fearless and innovative

As a respected provider of data, YouGov’s corporate reporting needs to enhance reputation and build trust, so the key strategic challenge was to enhance the perception of YouGov among key audiences, both nationally and globally.

We were tasked with providing advice around the impact of new and upcoming regulations and delivering an integrated and effective picture of the company with clear, concise messaging and compelling visuals.

The narrative needed to combine corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and performance information into one streamlined document. To bring key content areas to life, we introduced elements such as a Q&A with the CEO in the Sustainability section and a strong ‘Strategy in action’ spread.

The creative treatment needed to convey the group’s core values of ‘fast, fearless and innovative’. To reflect a data-driven business, we adopted a distinctive infographic styling to make the content vibrant and engaging. We evolved the brand’s illustration style to bring the key stories of the year to life and highlight strategy in action.

Laura Caughey, Design Director

The YouGov corporate communications suite is highly distinctive and presents a unique brand experience.

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