A clear focus on being a force for good

Having set out a new strategic vision and ambitious growth targets since the sale of Costa, Whitbread’s corporate communications act to assure investors about the potential of the focused hotel business. 

As well as evolving the investment case and bringing strategy to life, the Annual Report presented a business with a clear focus on being a force for good, by highlighting key ESG stories throughout the report.

In light of the challenges of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector, the report addressed how Whitbread has worked hard to addressthe impact of the virus through the inclusion of a dedicated COVID-19 section, and in the going concern and viability statements, which were highlighted by the FRC as best-in-class reporting.

Creatively, a series of double-page spreads, weaved throughout the report, showcased key strategic highlights, reflecting the guest experience and the staff delivering the vision across the hotel portfolio.