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Vital Capital

Capturing social impact

In recent years, sustainable investing has seen exponential growth as investors take a more ethical approach to their capital allocation. While this has been a welcome shift for impact investment funds, a huge rise in the number of these types of fund means that the competition for capital is greater than ever. The need for a distinctive brand story and identity to stand out is critical.

As Vital Capital looked to embark on their next round of fundraising, Luminous were commissioned to redefine their brand story and create a new visual identity which reflected Vital’s new positioning. The key challenge was to tell an emotive story which captured the social impact of the business, while also carefully balancing the investment story of being a trustworthy and safe investment with potential for high financial returns.

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To understand their current positioning and future aspirations, we conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with the internal Vital team, current investors and businesses which have benefitted from Vital’s investment and advice. These insights were then used to articulate a newly crafted brand narrative.

This was bought to life with a refreshed visual identity, in which we evolved the logo, introduced a more vibrant colour palette, and used the ‘V’ as a graphic device.

With the new visual identity in place, the final step was to create a strong digital presence with a full rebuild of their corporate website. We reviewed the site’s architecture and streamlined it to provide a simpler user experience, then brought it to life with a brand video to introduce the new narrative and create an immersive online experience.


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