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Telford Homes

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Telford Homes has a strong sustainability approach, creating high-quality homes and sustainable communities through its strategy, ‘Building a Living Legacy’, and has been named the most sustainable homebuilder in the UK by NextGeneration.

The client was ambitious to push forward its Sustainability Report from previous years with a brief of ‘How can we take it to the next level?’

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Strategically, the key challenge was how to communicate the company’s deep technical knowledge in a way that was engaging for all audiences. Our solution involved adopting a digital-first approach, refreshing the content and structure (reducing the word count by 30% to create a more succinct story), utilising interactive features and animation to bring the story to life, and adopting a distinctive illustrative style to make the user experience visually striking.

The narrative framework catered for all stakeholders and made the most of the digital medium. An interactive map outlined how Telford Homes will achieve net zero carbon by 2030 in a simple but impactful way, while a ‘Detailed Journey’ section provided technical insight for those who want to delve deeper into the company’s net zero strategy and activities.


Rachel Madan, Director of Sustainability & Impact

The digital environment creates a great opportunity to present sustainable performance in accessible and engaging ways that add insight and context.

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