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Going digital-first

Having created Severn Trent’s first standalone Sustainability Report in 2020, in 2021 we adopted a ‘digital-first’ approach, creating the report as a landscape interactive PDF which includes animated content, hyperlinked page drivers and a top navigation to provide a ‘browser-like’ experience.

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Our strategy team conducted a double materiality assessment to identify material issues and provide a solid foundation for Severn Trent’s sustainability strategy and reporting.

We helped the core sustainability reporting team to identify the universe of potential material issues, sourced through peer benchmarking and identifying sector trends in GRI, SASB, UN SDGs, and other sector-led initiatives.

We validated Severn Trent’s existing stakeholder engagement process for completeness and created a prioritisation scoring rubric aligned with the company’s enterprise risk management framework.

The final shortlist of material issues is linked to Severn Trent’s most important KPIs and sustainability strategy. Each material issue is examined in a forward-looking deep dive, which adds external insight and stakeholder voices.

The digital-first approach meant designing the report in a way that worked responsively across different screen sizes.

To highlight the importance of sustainability to the business at leadership level, a video from the Chief Executive featured prominently, introducing the report and setting out the Group’s strategic ambitions in the ESG space.

A high-level animated infographic highlights the most important impacts, and readers can zoom in on these stories for an introduction to the topic. Each pop-up then connects to a further section within the report.

Finally, the ‘At a glance’ section provides a snapshot of achievements which can be easily repurposed across social channels. The content is serious, but the experience of reading it is fun.



Best Sustainability Report, Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards

Most Meaningful use of Materiality, Strategic Comms Awards

Rachel Madan, Director of Sustainability & Impact

Severn Trent’s Sustainability Report is as credible as it is engaging. The in-depth analysis of material issues is supported by a solid strategy and detailed case studies, backed up by robust targets and KPIs – and brought to life through interactive elements.

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