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Setting out net zero ambition

OVO was launched with a belief that energy could be better and is on a mission to transform the sector and help UK Homes on their Path to Zero.

We had the exciting opportunity to partner with OVO to bring this journey to life through its Plan Zero report. The brief from OVO was simple: “We want this to be more than just a Sustainability Report. We want it to be a manifesto for change."

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OVO encouraged us to think outside the box and capture the scale of its growth and progress, while addressing the tough challenges currently faced by the energy sector.

One of OVO’s aims was to show stakeholders how they can work together with OVO to meet certain sustainability goals. Calls to action, spanning from customers to government, were given in the report to show how a joint effort is needed to combat climate change.

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Following its launch, the report was picked up by major industry press and was featured in edie and Business Green.

Arthur Dunster, Senior Designer

Collaborating with OVO’s sustainability and creative teams enabled us to craft a Plan Zero report that embodies the new brand while establishing a visual language to articulate and enhance OVO’s ambitious goals.

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