Royal Mail

Delivering a new strategic vision

Bringing to life the story of a classic brand such as Royal Mail is always an exciting challenge, so we were delighted to win the pitch to produce this prestigious FTSE 250 member’s annual report.

With a marked decline in traditional services, the increasing internationalisation of the Group’s operations and outlook and changes to the senior management team, the challenge was to create a report that presented the updated strategy and five-year plan, Journey 2024.

Our Investor Engagement team helped develop the most effective content, structure and messaging to explain this new strategic direction, alongside results which had been delivered under the previous strategy. New narrative areas included a focus on the Group’s international presence and commentary on stakeholder engagement.

Creatively, with over 230 pages of content, the challenge was to ensure the design worked hard for the skim-reader as well as the in-depth reader, so we introduced pull-out stories and ‘hero’ case studies which evidenced how Royal Mail’s new strategy is optimised to exploit market trends.

We also worked collaboratively with the Royal Mail digital team and developers to bring the new strategy to life online, delivering a set of bespoke website modules to enable more creative freedom and provide a more impactful digital platform to articulate Journey 2024.