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Multi-channel engagement

Communicating a consistent investment proposition over a range of touchpoints is critical to engaging stakeholders in a coherent and credible manner. This is of even greater importance when repositioning or undertaking strategic transformation.

After PPHE’s repositioning from a hospitality business to a focused property entity, it needed its new investment story to be presented clearly across multiple channels.

It was vital to establish a presence in the property sector that would appeal to new institutional investors outside the Hotel and Leisure space. The independent valuation of its real estate assets and adoption of EPRA metrics helped to broaden its appeal to investors. The transfer of its ordinary shares to a premium listing of the FCAs official list was another key step towards achieving its ambition to join the FTSE Indices in order to engage with a wider potential investor base and improve its liquidity.

The Annual Report represented an important communication opportunity for key target audiences and is particularly central in conveying the investment case to investors and analysts. We evolved the strategic messaging and developed new content presenting the transformed business model and strategic vision.

The detailed content generated for the printed report was repurposed for use across the entire corporate communications suite to tell PPHE’s story consistently. The reporting suite included a digital edition of the report, results presentations, factsheets and the investor section of the corporate website.

Creative assets such as infographics were repurposed for use online, in animation and in PowerPoint templates. Content was also optimised further for use in employee engagement.

PPHE has now entered the FTSE 250. The improved valuation of the company in part reflects the powerful communication of its revised investor positioning.


Most Effective Overall Communication of Company Investment Proposition, IR Society Best Practice Awards

James Moore, Creative Director

Presenting a consistent story across all investor channels might seem obvious, but we constantly see examples throughout the FTSE where the PPT and website look and read differently from the Annual Report. As a Creative Director, it’s great to work with a client who values consistency of content and creativity across print, digital and film.

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