Using brand purpose to drive a fresh positioning

A good corporate story gives the people you want to influence a common purpose to align to and unite around. So crafting a narrative that is both distinctive and true is foremost on the minds of brand leaders.

Having expanded into new territories and diversified its offering, global LPG logistics specialist Petredec needed a fresh brand platform to communicate its USP to external audiences and align and unite employees around a common brand vision. After engagement with key stakeholders and leadership through interviews and workshops, it became clear that there was an opportunity to tell a story based on purpose as well as logistic excellence.

Our ‘Fuelling Progress’ narrative captured a wider story of societal benefit, while also highlighting the pioneering culture and entrepreneurial spirit of a business who consistently seek out new opportunities.

The theme transitioned Petredec’s positioning from ‘what they do’ to ‘why they do it’; from a traditional logistics company to a forward-thinking business that helps improve the lives of millions of people, enabling social progress and economic growth. This ‘responsible’ positioning was distinctive in a sector that often comes under fire for its operational activities.

The purpose informed new values and a dynamic new identity based on forward momentum. The bold graphic treatment was implemented across digital, print, display, uniform, livery and moving image.

A new website reinforced the brand personality. Our new brand architecture divided Petredec’s offer into its three business capabilities, each supported with case studies, imagery and drone footage of the fleet.

Currently shortlisted for ‘Best Identity, Energy Sector’, Transform Awards 2020