Pension Insurance Corporation

Bringing corporate resilience to life

Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC) is a specialist insurer that underwrites one risk category only: defined benefit pensions. 2018 was an outstanding year for the group. We were delighted to be appointed to produce our first annual report for PIC following a creative pitch process.

The challenge was to build on the company’s established brand identity while fulfilling the key strategic and communication objectives, conveying PIC’s purpose, evolving the business model to emphasise differentiators, demonstrating a more dynamic strategy, showcasing stakeholder engagement and demonstrating the ownership of culture.

When it came to showing PIC’s values, we were able to exploit the company’s already developed affinity with penguins, famous for their qualities of loyalty and endurance even in the harsh conditions of the Antarctic. This gave us a marvellous visual contrast to the case studies, infographics and leadership statements. 

We created impact for the launch of PIC’s results by producing a film to accompany the reporting suite, maximising the digital communications opportunity and making an authentic and personal link with PIC’s audiences.