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Strong together

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of leadership in healthcare has never been so critical. As the world’s largest privately-owned pharmaceutical company, Octapharma had to deal with the extraordinary public health crisis with incredible levels of commitment and collaboration.

The ‘Strong together’ theme captured the spirit of the year and highlighted how the organisation had led through adversity, and had continued to deliver medicines to patients and healthcare professionals around the world, supported by employees showing the courage to continue working and succeeding together.

Even in the corporate arena, storytelling has the power to touch emotions; and clearly, few businesses can capture the profound effect that they have on society like Octapharma. Bringing its positive influence to life, the magazine-style publication provides an engaging snapshot of the year, featuring a series of insightful articles about people, research, production and strategic initiatives.

The report is produced in English, French, German and Spanish editions. It is also widely distributed to healthcare professionals, hospitals, sales teams, business partners and suppliers. Key content narratives and infographics are repurposed and optimised across other platforms such as the corporate website and in internal campaigns.



Best Printed Report: Unlisted, Corporate & Financial Awards

Luna Raphael, Design Director

Although officially badged an Annual Report, in reality it is more of an internal magazine, adopting human stories to instil pride in the people at the heart of the business and raising awareness of the importance of what they do.

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