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Inspiring employee pride

Even in the corporate arena, storytelling has the power to touch emotions. And few businesses can capture the profound effect that they have on society as Octapharma can. Luminous utilised the power of film to bring the company story to life and inspire a global employee base.

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Octapharma is a business where each stage in the process between donor and patient is important for the final outcome.

While everything an employee does is a vital link in the chain, with such a diverse international team of 10,000 people working in specialist functions across a wide number of geographies, it is hard for individuals to see the bigger picture and understand the importance of what they do.

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Our ‘From donor to patient’ film campaign aimed to inspire pride and engagement around the positive influence every employee in the company has on the world of its patients.

The series of documentary-style film stories, featuring patients, donors and employees, highlights how employees deliver life-changing medicines, from both a process and a personal perspective. We filmed in 16 locations across three continents, taking care to cover a diverse range of demographics, cultures, regions and medicines. The stories combine to present a global team working together to deliver Octapharma’s vision ‘to provide new health solutions to advance human life’.

All films were circulated directly to all employees via email as well as appearing on display screens throughout Octapharma’s international locations. They are also available on a microsite and the company’s YouTube channel.

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  • The campaign has proved highly effective, with staff surveys 
indicating that:
  • 91%

    of employees said the communications have positively changed their perception of their own contribution to the bigger picture
  • 93%

    of employees said the communications have motivated them in their daily work
  • 93%

    of employees said the communications improved their understanding of plasma donation


Best Content Targeted to the Internal Audience, Corporate Content Awards

Rachel Wells, Account Director

The relationship we have built with Octapharma is so rewarding. We share an ambition to tell the amazing human stories at the heart of the company that make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

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