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More than Equal

Campaigning for diversity

Fuelled by a passion for both gender equality and elite motorsport, former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard and entrepreneur Karel Komárek joined forces to launch the ground-breaking non-profit organisation, More than Equal (MTE) with the aim to find the first female F1 world champion.

As a first step, to both understand and examine the opportunities and barriers faced by women in the industry, MTE commissioned the most comprehensive research ever undertaken into women’s participation in motorsport, with over 13,000 fans interviewed from 147 countries.

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We focused on the areas of highest impact and influence, unpacking the complex data from each research piece and distilling it in a way that would be digestible to all audiences. The four pillars included: executive interviews, a global attitude study, a research library source and global driver data aggregation.

To bring the research to life, MTE partnered with Luminous to launch the campaign via a report, Inside Track: Exploring the gender gap in motorsport, and microsite to communicate the findings to its audience: the FIA, F1 teams, the media, sponsors, fans, drivers and their families.

We pulled apart the four pieces of research and packaged it together into a coherent and connected ‘script’ for the Inside Track report and copy for the microsite. We then designed and produced the full research report document for its initial launch to industry stakeholders at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

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Next, we developed a microsite to provide a top-line overview of the full report. The proposed visual style was inspired by one of MTE’s values, ‘Grit’, using black and white photography and a bold typographic style for an ownable look and feel that would work seamlessly across multiple applications.

With a huge amount of stats to present, communicating the data clearly for visual consumption was vitally important. We developed a set of infographic styles that could showcase complex datasets, as well as pull out key and important findings.

The leadership team, esteemed figures in both the F1 world and the realm of women’s sports and media, played an active role in championing the campaign. To promote the launch of the research and microsite, we crafted various social media videos and graphics for the team to share with their extensive networks and secure substantial coverage for the report and initiatives.

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Inside Track successfully launched in the lead up to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, with extensive press coverage. The report ignited an immediate and overwhelmingly positive response, with its influence resonating across international, prominent media such as the BBC, Silverstone Circuits and SportsPro.

Check out the microsite: insidetrack.morethanequal.com

Alison Donnelly, CEO at More than Equal.

Success in elite motorsport is incredibly difficult. We’re not trying to make it easier for women, we’re just trying to make it equally difficult. That’s the mantra that underpins everything we do at >= More than Equal and, thanks to the great team at Luminous, we’ve been able to bring outstanding research to life over the last few months, which spells out what we need to do to make that happen.

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