Are you sure customers see you in the same way?


Over the last 30 years, strategic outsourcing and energy services group Mitie has come a long way from its roots as a security firm. The offer had widened, capabilities increased and the workforce become more diverse. In fact the only thing stuck in the past was the brand, with a identity still echoing 1987.

The key insight that drove our radical rebrand originated from research into current internal and external brand perception.

While Mitie was confident it was already well along its journey from blue-collar deliverers to white-collar strategists, the clear view of customers was that it was essentially still one of the numerous ‘hard-service’ contractors in a crowded FM sector.

The disparity in perceived positioning changed the nature of the brand challenge from evolution to revolution. To highlight a diverse, forward-thinking business with a highly strategic offer, the new Mitie brand needed to leave the past firmly behind.

Best Rebrand, CorpComms Awards