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Showcasing responsibility

As a global organisation, McKinsey & Company believes it has an opportunity and a responsibility to use its knowledge and expertise to help address the world’s most pressing challenges.

We created a digital-first Social Responsibility Report to sit within the corporate website with summary narrative supported by a downloadable interactive PDF.

To clearly align the content with the UN SDGs, the narrative is split into four sections, People, Planet, Partnerships and Responsible practices, each featuring stories and data that provide rich insight and context.

To drive accessibility in the online environment, we created a flexible screen structure. Interactive tabs and clear calls to action enable users to seamlessly navigate the PDF like a webpage. Users can also read more via clear linkage and signposting to external content.

We also mapped out a content ‘eco-system’ which included an interactive scrolling highlights page, video snippets, social media assets, email templates and related blog content.

Chris Marshall, Senior designer

It’s always great to work with a respected name like McKinsey. Our shared sense of insight and innovation inspired the engaging digital experience.

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