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Advancing authenticity

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Global IT solutions and managed services provider Logicalis grew up as a family of families with a history of acquisitions. Acquiring capabilities, skills and footprint meant it had a lot of different operations in different market segments, different partners, different levels of maturity and different layers of expertise. Each part of the business was trying to create its own story from a marketing perspective, leading to disparate and confusing messaging. In a more and more connected world, the company needed a consistency of brand and a unified story.

The Logicalis marketing team liked the spirit of ‘Architects of Change’ but struggled to define and contextualise the idea. We saw the kernel of something that could drive a bigger brand story and took the opportunity to unearth exactly what the theme meant to a comprehensive cross section of employees, so that we articulated a credible and authentic view rather than an intellectual, but artificial, definition.

To interrogate the strength of the idea and bring its potential to life, we needed to engage the global team. We conducted over 20 interviews with internal and external stakeholders and worked closely with the CMO and VP of Marketing to articulate a new brand story. Being involved directly in the process from the beginning, regional CEOs better understood and bought into the idea, proactively presenting examples of how the proposition could be translated into innovative ways of solving problems – and how the whole organisation worldwide could start behaving like ‘Architects of Change’.

The inside-out approach also had the benefit of generating a lot of ambassadors and advocates around the business who could help drive the idea in the real world to ensure a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Having defined and articulated a fresh brand platform (purpose, positioning, values and personality), we analysed the current visual and verbal identity via a REAL analysis model, defining what elements should be retained and which areas we needed to enhance. This insight provided the fuel to evolve the identity, resulting in a new set of brand guidelines.

With the story and creative foundations in place, we focused on raising internal awareness, developing a cross-media employee engagement campaign to bring ‘Architects of Change’ to life amongst the 6,000-plus international employees.

Jon Towell, Creative Partner

This was a classic example of how powerful an ‘inside-out’ approach is to brand creation. By engaging with the worldwide leadership team from day one, we were able to create passionate brand advocates at the implementation stage.

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