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Transforming reputation

In the world of gambling, reputation is a high-risk game. Products such as online casinos are often questioned in terms of fairness, integrity and accuracy. Most outcomes depend on a random number generator that is not visible by the consumers. Being able to demonstrate trust and to assure consumers that the games are fair is of the utmost importance.

Kindred, owner of brands such as Unibet and 32Red Online Casino, exists to offer players entertainment on a platform that is safe and secure. Success is built on long-term sustainable relationships with players, so it is committed to do all that it can to promote responsible gambling. Driving sustainable growth is central its purpose ‘to transform gambling to ensure fair play, the best deal and a great experience for our players’.

The Group’s holistic approach to sustainability aims to ensure it concentrates effort on the areas where it can truly make a difference. The foundation of its strategy is based on the outcome from a materiality assessment which highlighted a number of business-critical topics.

Essentially, sustainable business means ensuring customers can sustain their consumption of its products, so Kindred’s Sustainability Report needed to clearly evidence a dedication to creating a safe and enjoyable experience, highlight sustainability strategy into action, its work as a best-in-class operator and how it adopts sustainability to drive a standout sector reputation.

Articulation of the business model focused on presenting a responsible growth strategy, highlighting a process of retaining customers and building long-term sustainable relationships with them. This approach results in a relatively flat average revenue per user over time, while the business continues to grow the number of active customers.

Selina Weekes, Senior Account Manager

Our partnership with Kindred stretches back to the Unibet days, and the strength in the relationship means we have been able to streamline the process year on year.

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