Stronger together

Luminous works at its best when we act as an extension of our client’s team – and there is never more need for a collaborative approach than when helping a company to produce a maiden annual report.

Following their IPO, JTC, who provide a range of financial administration services to fund managers, corporates and private wealth clients, needed an agency that had three attributes: the strategic expertise to develop an insightful, logical narrative; the creative innovation to connect on page and screen with stakeholders; and, finally, the service experience to guide them through the entire process.

Clearly, when you have one annual report under your belt, you have a platform to work off next time around, but a maiden annual report is always something of voyage into the unknown, even when you’ve had the 30-odd years of trading that underlies JTC’s success. Nevertheless, JTC entered their first annual report with ambition and enthusiasm, keen to portray the company’s heritage, distinctive approach and loyalty towards clients as key differentiators.

Our strategy team facilitated a series of workshops to develop the right content and structure. We then developed detailed wireframes, which acted as ‘blueprints’, enabling the client to understand exactly what copy and imagery was to appear on every spread.

As with any report, flexibility was key, and our service team worked closely to remove many of the barriers to understanding what an annual report is all about and the process for producing one. Our recommendations on ways to avoid log-jams, such as getting early buy-in from all key decision makers, were fully embraced, and we enjoyed strong direct involvement from the Chief Executive, enabling us to keep everyone on the same page and reduce late changes.

Our design team embraced the JTC identity to create a highly distinctive visual experience. With a client team happy to push creative boundaries, we printed six different covers, each featuring a different creature made up from multiple butterflies, to present the brand and its values as strongly as possible.

To reflect a business with a strong digital presence, the printed edition was supported by an online report, which was built within the JTC corporate website framework.

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