Driving distinctiveness in the FTSE 100

It’s an interesting paradox that as you go ‘up and up’ the FTSE, annual reports seem to have ‘less and less’ personality. And in the FTSE 100, it certainly seems that distinctive storytelling is losing the battle to corporate box-ticking.

Having moved into the FTSE 50 since their acquisition of UBM, the Informa Annual Report needed to look backwards, highlighting the performance of a four-year Growth Acceleration Plan, and also set out a clear strategic vision to take the group forward. But it also needed to reflect the strong sense of personality that sets the media group apart from its peers.

The design of the report started to introduce the new identity graphics of the group rebrand that Luminous developed post the UBM acquisition. The new ident – ‘the Orbit’ – was weaved into the illustrations and a fresh combination of fonts and colours reflected the new visual direction.

Graham Jerome-Ball, Informa’s Director of Global Branding & Communications stated, ‘At all stages of our project, Luminous looked at how they could get the best result within the parameters we had, applying their experience and creativity from the initial engagement process right through to the final print and online production.’

The reporting suite also included Informa’s Sustainability Report.


Best Annual Report, FTSE 100, CorpComms Awards 2019