Connecting through hard data and visual style

As a new FTSE 50 Group with a portfolio of international brands, Informa needs a report that explains how it is facing the challenge of organising events all over the world when it comes to presenting its sustainability credentials. 

Fortunately, Informa are passionate about sustainability – for its intrinsic values and because the business shares the same concerns and interests as its customers and employees about what can be done to create a more sustainable world.

Having produced last year’s sustainability report as part of the corporate reporting suite alongside the annual report, we were keen to see how the company had progressed in its thinking and what we could do to help move the report on. Our strategic team worked with Informa’s head of sustainability to critique last year’s report and map the content for this year’s. We were keen to showcase how sustainability is led from the top at Informa and runs throughout the business. So this, combined with Informa’s sustainability pillars, formed the spine of content for our design team to work with.

This year’s report is centred on Informa’s sustainability pillars of customers, colleagues, communities and environment, with a short section on governance and performance against the targets set in the previous year. Our design team were keen to put across the human and statistical elements of sustainability. Informa engages its colleagues globally with programmes such as Walk the World, and there are case studies from every location illustrating how individual offices promote sustainability in their area. Key statistics are pulled out and accompanied by large icons, helping to make hard facts more digestible and aiding the skim reader.

One aspect of Informa’s business is the relationship the company forms with its suppliers and the effect that relationship can have on the overall sustainability of the business. Informa had prepared an infographic charting the environmental impact of a hypothetical event using data culled from over 50 real world business to business shows. Our design team suggested that this would best be displayed in gatefold format, showcasing the visual element and allowing the reader to penetrate the detail.

The visual style introduced graphic elements, fonts and colours from the new brand which Luminous has developed for the new Group since their acquisition of UBM, including weaving the new identity device, the Orbit, into the illustrations.

The result is an impressive combination of hard data and visual style, which, combined with an overview of performance against sustainability goals and plans for 2019, makes a highly impactful publication.

Awards for Informa Sustainability Reports
Gold Award, CSR/Sustainability, IADA Awards
Best Sustainability Report, Galaxy Awards