Moving faster towards sustainable business

It’s very clear that the opportunities and expectations around sustainability have grown significantly over the last year. We’ve seen colleagues, customers and investors all asking more detailed questions, with a greater level of sophistication, and increasing expectations over time.

Informa’s investment in its internal sustainability programme has been paying dividends in terms of the range and level of sustainable initiatives and practices across the Group, as well as increasing recognition in external indices and surveys. A growing number of Informa’s different stakeholders are also now complimenting it on the progress it is making in becoming an increasingly sustainable business.

The investment and progress made so far provide a strong foundation for the future, both in continuing to run the business more sustainably and in the new business opportunities this brings.

The Sustainability Report presents Informa’s new FasterForward programme, which set the Group on an ambitious path to support the shift to an ever more sustainable way of doing things.

The editorial-style publication features articles that highlight a deep commitment to a series of activities between 2020 and 2025 that will ensure it becomes an ever more sustainable, positive-impact business. Case studies show how Informa is embedding sustainability into everything it does and helping its customers and specialist markets do the same.

The Sustainability Report made up part of Informa’s corporate reporting suite, which included its Annual Report.