A transformational reporting suite

Hibernia REIT

Hibernia is a real estate investment trust on a mission – to transform the office portfolio of the company’s home city, Dublin. Formed just six years ago, the company has gone from strength to strength and chose Luminous to reflect its dynamism in its reporting suite.

Our strategy team worked closely with the client to review the annual report’s structure, flow and strategic messaging. We refined the business model for greater clarity, introduced an ‘at a glance’ spread and improved the governance section, which cross-refers to the new Corporate Governance Code. Our sustainability team led a workshop to help determine the content and key messages for its first standalone sustainability report that would give more prominence to the company’s sustainability initiatives, targets and progress.

With the strategic framework in place, our designers got to work on telling the Hibernia story in a visually engaging way. One of the key communication objectives for the reports was to create more human interest, so we commissioned new location imagery, which captured the people and architecture of the Dublin portfolio.

Both reports enhanced the client’s investor presence significantly and we look forward to evolving the corporate story as the dynamic business develops and expands.