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Unveiling Ocado’s vision

Ocado is a global technology solutions provider in online fulfilment with a 50% share in the pure-play UK online grocer Ocado Retail.

Our goal was to effectively communicate their progress and future outlook as a technology provider, while highlighting their achievements and evolving strategies, both financially and non-financially. The overarching theme for this report was ‘Future. Proof.’

With ambitions beyond grocery, Ocado aims to become a leader in technology. Central to their success is their technological expertise and unrivalled IP. Our objective was to advance Ocado’s reporting and establish a strong sense of purpose through this year’s theme, ‘Future. Proof.’

The report tells a compelling story of purpose-driven value creation. To emphasise this, we introduced a ‘Year in review’ section that showcased Ocado‘s accomplishments and the global expansion of their Online Solutions Provider (OSP) platform. We also highlighted their successful collaborations with client partners and outlined their path to achieving net-zero emissions.

Additionally, we focused on presenting Ocado’s strong investment case through an engaging spread at the beginning of the report. This section covered six areas of opportunity and future growth. Integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations throughout the report was a key priority, demonstrating Ocado’s commitment to sustainability and their adaptation to a greener economy. We also outlined their goals and objectives as they progress towards Net Zero.

Furthermore, we defined Ocado’s material issues and outlined the scope of their ESG strategy in the Responsible Business section. This strategy was shaped by investor feedback on climate change, including Ocado’s approach to carbon reliance, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, and talent retention.

Throughout the report, we leveraged infographics to elevate Ocado’s corporate brand and effectively illustrate their narrative. Key graphics were designed to communicate the interplay between their strategy and responsible business practices. By streamlining the report, we achieved a 10% reduction in overall size.

The overall look and feel of the report remained true to the core Ocado ‘brand language.’ We used recognisable and simple graphic shapes to reinforce the messaging and align it with the visual identity of the company, thereby enhancing consistency in communication.

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