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Victorian Plumbing

Effective post-IPO comms

When creating a newly listed company’s first corporate website and annual report post IPO, presenting a distinctive value creation story is critical. This applies even more when taking a recognised consumer brand into the corporate world.

Victorian Plumbing is the UK’s largest digital-led retailer of bathroom products, so as well as articulating a clear investment case and presenting a sophisticated, grown-up business, the corporate communications suite also needed to retain the personality of a consumer brand.

Firstly, our strategy team undertook a content mapping exercise from the IPO prospectus and developed a logical and coherent sitemap to establish the right content framework.

Next we future-proofed the site, creating a flexible and modular CMS solution, so the in-house team can manage and evolve the website on an ongoing basis.

Following the website’s launch, we worked closely with the Victorian Plumbing team to deliver its first Annual Report as a listed business. Our strategy team advised them on key best-practice elements, such as the articulation of the business model and ESG content. To bring it to life creatively, we utilised the corporate brand style developed for the website to deliver a consistent look and feel across all touchpoints.

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Alan Hines, Managing Partner

It’s always great to support a client on its journey from private to plc, especially when we can present the value story across both the website and Annual Report.

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