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Victorian Plumbing

Driving digital engagement 
post IPO

When creating a newly listed company’s first corporate website post IPO, presenting a distinctive brand experience is critical. This applies even more when taking a recognised consumer brand into the corporate world.

Victorian Plumbing is the UK’s largest digital-led retailer of bathroom products, so as well as articulating a clear investment case and presenting a sophisticated, grown-up business, the site also needed to retain the personality of a consumer brand.

To establish the right content framework, our strategy team undertook a content mapping exercise from the IPO prospectus and developed a logical and coherent sitemap.

To future-proof the site, we created a flexible and modular CMS solution, so the in-house team can manage and evolve the website on an ongoing basis.

Alan Hines, Managing Partner

It’s always great to support a client on its journey from private to plc, especially when we can present the value story across both the website and Annual Report.

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