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With workplace safety being of paramount importance to IMI, a global engineering organisation with over 10,000 employees, Luminous were commissioned to deliver a global employee campaign aimed at promoting behaviour change and fostering a safety-first culture.

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Identifying the core issue of complacency and normalisation of risk among employees, the campaign centred around the simple, yet impactful theme 'Think Twice'. This two-word message was chosen for its universal appeal and its ability to trigger a pause in routine behaviour, prompting people to reassess potential hazards.

We focused on creating a consistent global message that transcended language barriers, ensuring that 'Think Twice' retained its meaning across IMI's diverse workforce. Visually, the campaign disrupted autopilot thinking with a ‘torn’ design.

Implementation involved a multi-channel approach, including digital platforms, physical posters in communal areas, and hazard-specific campaigns targeting key safety topics. Ongoing communications sustained awareness over several months, while toolbox talks provided a structured framework for team leaders to facilitate discussions on safety issues.

  • 7%

    Decrease in reported accidents
  • 14%

    Increase in hazard reporting
  • 92%

    Of reported hazards addressed within 30 days

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