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The challenge

GSG Impact is a global network active in over 50 countries, with a mission to transform global financial systems so that every investment considers social and environmental impact.

The world of impact investment has rapidly evolved since GSG’s formation in 2013, and its brand no longer reflected its ambitions or the breadth of its work.

GSG needed a single, global brand that cut through the complexity, united its national partners and resonated with audiences in six continents.

Our approach

To better reflect the idea of partnership and collaboration, we developed a new naming system for GSG and its partners. This community is now known collectively as the ‘GSG Impact Partnership’.

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Our new visual identity for GSG Impact centres on the idea of impact through partnership. It’s a truly global network, with a vast diversity of voices, and the creative execution needed to embody and proudly champion that.

To achieve this, we designed an ownable brand illustration style. These graphics are formed by solid shapes and textures working together - much like GSG Impact, the coming together of many parts creates a greater whole.

We created a core colour palette that’s bright, vibrant and portrayed the action-oriented, passionate nature of the organisation. We also defined a primary photography style that used real GSG images to show real-life human connections.


Vitally, the process connected brand and culture. By listening to the GSG national partners and understanding their diverse needs, we created a fresh new brand for GSG Impact which built on its legacy, to position it for further growth and wider impact.

GSG Impact puts collaboration, cultural context, and impact at the heart of how it thinks and communicates, both internally and externally.

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Brand & Digital Consultant, Neil Francis

“You’ve supplied a good product, just like we asked for. Actually, with more than we asked for but needed.” “I think we’re all feeling elated at how it’s gone. There was a terrific response; huge enthusiasm and positive energy behind it.”

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