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Creating a uniting purpose

IIGCC had lost its voice. With a growing number of different stakeholder groups at different stages of their climate journey, and with an expanding remit, its core story had become overcomplicated, confusing and diluted.

We worked with IIGCC and its members to reconnect with the very core of who they are and their ambitions for the future. By coming back to its truth as an organisation, we cut through the complexity with a simple, powerful narrative that gave it back its voice and confidence.

IIGCC’s new way of thinking was brought to life visually with a vibrant identity that is set to make it stand out from the crowd, and intuitive storytelling that will reshape perceptions and relationships with its members and key stakeholders.

We accomplished this through a comprehensive approach, including generating valuable insights, conducting a thorough brand audit and peer analysis, engaging in stakeholder interviews, facilitating workshops, and defining IIGCC’s purpose, mission, values, positioning, and story. We also developed precise tone of voice guidelines and established a cohesive brand identity.

We then created a new corporate website with an enhanced user experience for its members and key audiences. This proudly shares IIGCC’s new story and brand, telling the world about the positive impact it creates by bringing the investment community together.

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Jon Randall, Head of Purpose, Brand & Culture

IIGCC for a long time has led the way on unlocking investor action on climate change. I love that making life better for nature and us all is at the heart of that. It’s been wonderful to see the whole team rediscover their voice and unlock their own energy and ambition. Their spirit really shines through in the new articulation of their core philosophy, their storytelling and vibrant visual identity.

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