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Defining PVV

To businesses like FTSE 250 CLS culture has always been the cornerstone of its success, so defining and articulating the foundations of this culture – purpose, vision and values (PVV) –was critical in order to ensure it maintained and developed the core behaviours at the heart of the company as it grew and embedded new employees.

With an ‘inside out’ approach vital to ensure buy-in, we undertook an engagement process that included CLS’s entire workforce as well as key external audiences. Insight was drawn from interviews with over 20 key stakeholders to inform broader perspectives, while all employees were invited to workshops to debate and synthesise opinions on what CLS stood for.

The findings were presented back to the employee base prior to final articulation of the PVV narrative, which was approved at Board level. The new PVV codified what underpinned CLS’s culture and now acts as a powerful guide to inform strategy, positioning and workforce behaviours.


Our purpose is to transform office properties into sustainable, modern spaces that help businesses to grow.


To be a leading office space specialist and a supportive, progressive and sustainably focused commercial landlord.


Our tenants, our focus
We pride ourselves in the way we build relationships with our tenants. We get to know them and understand their business needs, so they feel listened to and valued. We are responsive and flexible, ensuring they stay with us for the long term.

Agility unlocks opportunity
Our agile approach allows us to see potential and opportunities in ways others can’t. It means we can respond to changing market conditions and make decisions quickly. We act with flexibility and speed to make the most of possibilities the moment they arise.

Openness creates closeness
We treasure our inclusive, close-knit and open culture. Everyone has visibility and a voice. Our open-door policy encourages everyone to share opinions, creating greater transparency, honesty and trust.

Collaboration gets the job done
We confidently take ownership of projects from beginning to end, making the critical decisions that get the job done. We get involved and collaborate across departments and markets, contributing ideas and creating new initiatives to drive us forward.

Sheila Morrison, Brand & Culture Director

It’s never been so critical to deliver with purpose, so it was great to support CLS in evolving a distinct and ownable PVV.

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