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Cartwright Pickard

Bringing purpose to life

Cartwright Pickard had developed its brand iteratively over the past few years, resulting in a brand that felt somewhat disjointed and inconsistent. With its upcoming 25th anniversary in 2022, Cartwright Pickard had aspirations to redefine its brand positioning, story and visual identity.

We aimed to evolve Cartwright Pickard’s brand, making it clear what the organisation stands for and creating greater differentiation and recognition with potential clients and partners. More specifically, we explored the organisation's existing central brand idea of ‘research-led design’, stress-testing its effectiveness and resonance.

To kick off the investigation, we began the insights phase with a review of Cartwright Pickard’s existing intelligence. We then conducted in-depth stakeholder interviews. To gain a wider perspective, we launched a 45-question employee survey, in which all team members were invited to share their thoughts on the brand evolution. We looked into what competitors in the space were doing, evaluating the landscape to understand how Cartwright Pickard could stand out.

This phase unearthed some invaluable insights. We discovered that the organisation was incredibly successful with gaining loyal customers. These impressive client relationships, based on deep listening and respectful challenge, stood out as an untold story. This, together with the organisation's collaborative approach, expertise in thinking ahead and solving important challenges, blended with beautiful aesthetic, guided us towards its future positioning.

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We organised these ingredients into a brand framework that would guide how Cartwright Pickard’s future brand thinks, acts, and creates impact. We unearthed and articulated their central brand idea: creatively solving together. This not only spoke to the problem-solving nature of their work, but also their collaborative methods and fundamental creativity.

We then defined their purpose, values, personality, and positioning, as well as crafting a brand story that captures the essence of why they exist.

The look and feel of the new brand identity was born from the idea of taking a single line – the spark at the beginning of a new idea – and evolving it into something meaningful, collaborative, and unique. We created a series of circular brand graphics which reflected the company’s purpose, vision, and values. We then applied these alongside a sophisticated colour palette to create an ownable, modern brand identity. The typeface, with the subtle cut-out character forms, was chosen to echo Cartwright Pickard’s design ethos of simplicity and cutting through complexity.

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This video was created and produced by Hewitt and Walker.

Toby Cope, Head of Marketing and Communications at Cartwright Pickard

Luminous did a fantastic job of untangling the complex narratives around architecture and worked with us to develop a brand vision and set of values that have clarity, distinctiveness and, most importantly, are ownable and actionable by everyone at CP. I found the team at Luminous to be professional, friendly, flexible and results-driven. They made the whole process a genuinely enjoyable one.

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