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Capturing the magic of Wickes

Following Wickes’ IPO onto the London Stock Exchange, we worked with the company to create a compelling maiden Annual Report, capturing its key purpose: to help the nation feel house proud.

Wickes is a leading home improvement retailer, operating for over 164 years, with a digitally-led and full-service approach. With home improvement and DIY experiencing exponential growth during and post the pandemic, Wickes had an opportunity to showcase its investment case to shareholders, while creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

As its maiden report, we wanted Wickes’ values to be at the heart of its communications strategy. Our communications approach was simple: to help bring to life Wickes’ friendly, welcoming, inclusive and diverse culture while also allowing its business strategy, to outperform in the home improvement marketplace, to shine through. Our goal with the report was for it to be clear, simple and easy for all Wickes’ stakeholders to engage with, including how the company’s 8,000 employees help customers feel house proud.

We worked with Wickes to map out a clear structure for the maiden Annual Report, setting out clearly who the company is and what makes it different, and highlighting its financial results alongside its ESG results. For consistent readability, we made sure each section set the context for the next, allowing the corporate story to flow into each strategic chapter.

This approach helped structure the report and clearly communicate Wickes’ investment proposition around its five key investment case areas. We conducted briefing sessions and workshops with report section owners on ESG, business model framework and TCFD to reflect a best-practice approach to content and regulatory requirements.

Next, we brought to life our design concepts, adopting a screen-first approach to enhance stakeholders’ experience online, while creating a print-friendly document.

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