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The launch of a new strategic vision provides a great opportunity to refresh the way a business tells its corporate story. So, presenting its new 2025 business strategy provided Britvic with an opportunity to tailor a new narrative that communicated its story in a compelling way and established the business as a sound investment, today and for the long term, despite the uncertain times.

More than anything, it’s a story of value creation. And the report puts this front and centre, with five splash spreads highlighting how Britvic delivers value to its key audiences: consumers, suppliers, customers, communities and employees.

ESG is a key pillar in the new strategic vision and acts as a ‘red thread’ throughout the report. Performance content is balanced by non-financial narrative, focusing on sustainability and presenting a responsible business through a story of values, culture, wellbeing, diversity, inclusion and community engagement. This non-financial narrative also fed into the accompanying Sustainable Business Report and Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement.

The distinctive creative presentation represents a progression of the previous visual style, with illustration and infographics bringing the narrative to life, enabling easy extraction for use on the website and across other channels, as standalone content with minimal fuss.


Best Annual Report, FTSE 250, IR Society Awards

Best Integration of ESG Reporting, Strategic Comms Awards

Best Annual Report, Mid-Cap, IR Magazine Awards

Best Sustainability, PLC Awards

Most Effective Integration of ESG, IR Society Best Practice Awards

Stephen Butler, Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Setting out a clear ESG story, highlighting positive management of the risks and opportunities sustainability issues present, is more vital than ever.

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