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Luminous have been working on hotel group PPHE’s reporting suite for well over a decade, with each year seeing an evolution of the online edition.

This year we wanted to leverage digital techniques to engage audiences with a superior user experience; repurposing the long-form content from the print edition into short impactful highlights and KPIs, using videos and animation to bring the report to life, creating an impactful online experience which catered for the skim-reader.

The 2022 online report, which won Best Online Annual Report at the Corporate and Financial Awards, was a multi-page microsite featuring key content from the strategic report. Our analytics highlighted that many visitors viewed the homepage and section landing pages, but often didn’t continue to lower-level pages, preferring to download the PDF for detailed content.

This insight led us to a new approach for 2023; streamlining the site content and architecture with more emphasis on shorter, snappier highlights, KPIs and developments. We also embedded a video of the 2023 Full Year Results Announcement, where Co-CEO Greg Hegarty summarises the significant business achievements and developments.

The site is presented as a single scrolling page, using bold content styling and animations to draw attention to KPIs and highlights. To tell the story of portfolio developments, we combined impactful images with a parallax scrolling interface that draws the visitor through a summary of PPHE’s hotel, restaurant and bar developments. Throughout the report, the audience is encouraged the download the report for more detailed information.

The outcome is a highly engaging one-page site focussing on PPHE’s exceptional property portfolio development, resulting in a significant increase in audience engagement.

  • 69%

    Increase in engagement verses 2022 edition
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Best Online Annual Report, Corporate and Financial Awards

Most Effective Communication of Investment Proposition, IR Society Awards

James Croxford

“I think PPHE’s online annual report is a great example of how to embrace digital techniques to shine a light on key reporting messages and highlights, creating a dynamic experience the engages online audiences.”

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